Sunday, 28 April 2013

The Last Tour of Stuttgart: an ending that offers many new beginnings

Today saw the last tour, for now, of The Tour of All Tours. The tour went fine and we had an interesting talk afterwards where I learnt about some other kinds of tours. The most distinct one I think was the aircraft carrier tour. In the bay off San Diego I learned there is a decommissioned aircraft carrier that is now used as a museum. The public may visit and the tour guides are former sailors from the ship. They explain the ship itself and also its history which includes Vietnam. So it is a vet tour combined with a military hardware and historical machinery tour. I doubt it is the only one in the world but there can't be too many like that.

I finish this period in Stuttgart full of ideas of different direction to take this so the next thing to do is to sit down and plot next moves. I'll be talking about the project in a few weeks at a symposium on critical tourism so I will be returning to the blog as and when things strike me. I won't however be making it a daily thing for now. I think that this daily rhythm is good at capturing something of the process but there are other processes that have to take place over the next week or two so I'll say bye for now.

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