Monday, 6 May 2013

The Cambridge Tour

I made a brief visit to Cambridge for Sampled Festival at The Junction. The concept of this year's festival was to show the artistic process by presenting work in all stages of development, including featuring a number of artistic pitches. It was in this way that I came to tell people about how I saw a Tour of All Tours in Cambridge taking shape. 

I gave it as a small tour in its own right, sharing my ideas in three locations around and outside of the building. It was a type of performance in its own right: a marketing sort of performance. 

It went fine as I knew what I was talking about the ideas still being fresh from Stuttgart. What's more, Cambridge is quite a touristic sort of place so I think people could relate to the concept quite easily. Whether it happens there or not is now quite outside of my capacity but if not there then somewhere else soon enough. It is ironic that, just as tourism tends to exploit a winning formulae and reproduce it worldwide, I can see how The Tour of All Tours can also be made and remade in different locations. It will have to work with different conditions and be adaptable much in the way tourism does.

There was time in Cambridge to briefly catch a rather unique attraction. A busker inside a rubbish bin playing Bob Dylan. I can safely say this was a first for me. He chose the right spot, in front of King's College Chapel which is the city's No. 1 tourist pull.

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