Sunday, 12 May 2013

Tour groups in Zagreb

A 10-minute stroll around the centre of Zagreb this morning brought me no less than 4 tour groups!

The first group I found standing around in Dolac, the marketplace, was a German speaking party of pensioners. The man with sunglasses and the white beard is the guide.

That was followed by a group led by a young Croatian man speaking in English. The guide was speaking into a radio microphone and the orange devices that some of the group wear around around their necks are the speakers that can be held to the ear. 

Round the corner was a Chinese group who were not being led by anyone offering a tour but were instead making their way around the city centre. Notice the face mask the woman is wearing. This is not a comment on Croatia, you sometimes see people wearing these when they are back home in China too. I remember when I was there during the swine flu scare in 2009 these were very much worn. 

And finally I found another German speaking group. Again the people taking the tour were fairly old and they were to be found in the historical area around the city centre. I had at first thought that there was not so much obvious international tourism to be seen but I was out at the wrong time of day. 10AM on a Sunday and they were out in force. I should make a point of noting these patterns and learn how to recognise different types of group and guide from a distance. Maybe it could be a bit perverse to become a tourist spotter... That is a danger I'll just have to live with. 

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