Wednesday, 24 April 2013

A working day

I'll be brief with this report as it is late and it's been a long day of work. A first version of the text was more or less finished yesterday so I was learning it today and of course making some edits to it here and there. It's rather a lot to remember but because I am familiar with the material it shouldn't be too hard to do. For Andreas, who will be performing it in German, it is a greater challenge. 

So the weather was great today, clear blue skies and sun. The observatory deck of the station tower was finally opened so I went up and had a look at the giant revolving logo that sits so prominently. Looking around from up there was pleasant in a way but I was also happy that I chose not to use that space in my tour. What I provide is very much a street view that gives a quite different perspective, one that does not already charm the eye in a touristic way but instead is familiar and needs some work in order for it to be it transformed into anything.

Kaspar from Arttours and I went to a Stuttgart radio station today and did a rather long interview for a program in the afternoon. There was no shortage of things to talk about, indeed there were quite a number of subjects I thought we could talk about but which we never got round to covering. No problem, there's always the blog for them! But not now. Still, I must get round to talking about the relationship of art to tourism, about these frames that surround the work and also about how the idea came in the first place. Another time.

Later today I made a walk through with Andreas and we completed the tour in both English and German. After that the city was given over to football, people glued to screens, beer in hand, cheering on Dortmund as they took apart Madrid. The popularity of football reminds me a lot of the England, the only difference is they seem to win more often here. Final day of preparations tomorrow, I should get some rest soon, it will be a long long day and I keep getting woken up early here by the church bells which start around 6 AM. Noise pollution if you ask me, but then again my room is next to the bell tower so all new occupants are likely to say that.

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