Monday, 22 April 2013

The Day Without a Tour

Today I've been very conscious of the tight schedule that I now have to work around.There is a very definite clock ticking and several things that still remain to be done.

This was the view of the sky just now. Profoundly grey. It's been like this all day which I should welcome I guess as it has provided me with every reason I need to stay indoors in front of the computer writing the text that I and Andy will give.  

Here's another view. The text has really come on leaps and bounds and I now have some pleasure in it. Rather than just doing the job and delivering the message it starts to accumulate layers. Previously I would arrive at a location and have something to say about the place and the tour that it forms a part of. Now however it is a little more complicated with tours accumulating and commenting upon one another in locations. I could work in this way for a good while yet but will have to distill this more into a system that  can be improvised around rather than anything more ambitious.

The furthest I managed to get out of the apartment today was a a 20 minute walk around the block in order to buy bretzels. I still cannot decide if I even like them but feel a vague obligation upon myself to try to since they are speciality of the region. That, I think, is touristic behaviour.

We've been working out the finer details of the timing of the tours, the languages and bookings. A radio interview has been arranged and the publicity machine is gearing up. It will certainly be quite a shock to suddenly have people in front of me with whom I have to share these musings. So far the project has mostly been conducted by me, walking alone through the streets of the city and into a few institutions for the occasional tour. when it becomes a social event I suspect there will have to be some adjustment. That will all come soon enough, first tour is Friday morning and then we'll be on a morning and afternoon schedule till Sunday. If you want to book do get in touch with Arttours.

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