Friday, 7 June 2013

The Enschede Tour: an art performance/manifesto spread across the city

I finalised making the Enschede tour today and it will be in the form of a treasure hunt / manifesto / performance around 9 points in the city centre. In the treasure hunt I mention more than once four geese as in, "turn left at the four geese". The ones I am referring to in the manifesto are these statues of geese mounted on a crossroads.

So, imagine how nicely surprised I was to find, by chance, a real group of four geese when out this evening. They seemed pretty relaxed... but they don't have to do a performance tomorrow.

And here is the 9-page manifesto assembled into its poster form. It is in English and Dutch and covers such topics as the status of public space within art, the use and abuse of art by the nation state, a preference for mundane or functional locations and the relation of tourism to art. 

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