Sunday, 4 April 2021

Quick-Fix Tour of Shapowei: A New Tour

After a bit of a pause, I am back into making tours. Tomorrow I will give a tour of the Shapowei neighborhood looking at the phenomenon of quick-fixes or improvised repairs. The tour will not only investigate them and look at the stories they can tell, it will also be about how to take pictures of them. I'll share some of my five year's experience of photographing them and help the people on the tour to make their own quick-fix photos. 

As this is a new tour and it will be experimenting with the form it will be done on a free/pay what you like basis. 

Start point: front gate of Shapowei Art Zone, Xiamen. 

Time: 14.00-17.00

Date: 5th April.

Reserve via WeChat: billaitchison

For a taste of what quick-fixes look like you can take a look at the China Quick-Fix photo-blog. 

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