Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Walking apps under development

I'm talking to an app developer about creating an app that can encourage people to walk and I'm interested in making something that artists might also be able to find useful for art projects that involve the city, travelling around it and so on. I have a rough idea of some of the features I'd like to see, but if you have some ideas of what you might look for in such an app, I would be keen to hear. 

Right now we are talking about an app that can record and post real time and/or recorded data about walks onto a shared platform, and it should allow walkers to connect, i.e. you could say I want to take a walk in XYZ neighbourhood on Saturday afternoon, anyone else interested? Images, texts and sounds from previous people's walks can be public and discovered by others heading the same direction. This way it would be possible to create treasure hunt structures which give out information bit by bit. The app should also produce a GPS map at the end showing where you have travelled. What else might make it useful to you?

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