Saturday, 20 December 2014

Documentation and Tours: performances and their records

I recently had an article published in the online arts journal Felt Acts. The issue is devoted to the theme of 'Approaching Documentation' and also features the writing of Harriet Thompson, Aparna Sharma, Jesc Bunyard, Rafaela Lopez, Georgia Rene-Worms, Antje Seeger, Simon Farid, Joana Quiroga, Joanna Bucknall and Bryony White.

Video still from Lijiang Tour 

Here is a sample:

There is no standard way I approach documenting my own projects and The Tour of All Tours is a case in point. The performance has had to develop as a performance in its own right first and only in the project’s second year have I begun adapting it for the camera. This I have done by doing away with the live public altogether and concentrating upon performing the work directly to the lens. 

If that floats your boat then do take a look at the downloadable journal for the full article and the articles of the other authors too. Best of all, its free!

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