Saturday, 8 March 2014

Beijing Tours: research for The Bookworm Literary Festival

I have been getting my bearings in Beijing which for one thing means North, South, East and West all mean a great deal more here than they did in London which is a meandering city that has little interest in lines. Another thing that this means is that it is time to start both taking and giving tours once again. Tomorrow I'll be taking the tour bus to the Ming Tombs and Great Wall at Badaling, the most popular spot for visitors. Apparently there is a guide and lunch is included too. My one experience on a Chinese tour bus back in 2011 was memorable (it was pretty insane to tell the truth) so I'm hoping this tour will also be something worth writing about.

I am also making a tour at the moment and will give it in the Sanlitun neighbourhood next Sunday as part of the Bookworm Literary Festival. While tickets for it are now sold out I heard there may be a second tour added so don't be put off. This is the festival's website which includes information on the performance and booking details. This will be the first time I've shown this piece in China so I'm very curious how people will understand it. 

Finally, I've been taking a lot of pictures of daily life here in Beijing as a way to both help document my tour creation (there are many of Sanlitun in the recent posts) and as way to document how the eye shifts its focus with time and familiarity. The photo blog is HERE.

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