Sunday, 12 January 2014

The No Trousers Tour: underwear on the underground

Today is an special day: it is Global No Pants Subway Ride Day. I'd like to cover it as a tour, an underground party tour, but I simply lack the time. If you have the time, however, and would like to take it, the details are on their website and on Facebook

The picture is how the idea is sold; I expect the reality is a little less chic, but that's nothing new. I think the aspect I find attractive is that it is a tour in which you see nothing of the places you pass through if you remain in an underground tube train (different in most other cities). There used to be parties on The Circle Line in London, but the alcohol ban introduced a few years back put an end to those. 

The underground aspect of it is interesting as it reminds me of a tour I took of the Paris Catacombs, the unofficial part that is, not the tourist section. Down there you see a mirror image of the city above. There are the road names from above on the dark passageways so while your surroundings are much like any other tunnel, you can locate yourself as being underneath Boulevard de l'Hopital and turning left onto rue Jenner. The geography is at once imaginary and real. 

I won't be able to take my trousers off and party, alas, as I am on a deadline, having to write up the tour of Denis Severs House and produce an introductory text for the exhibition The Walking Encyclopaedia, opening shortly at Air Space Gallery. This looks like a great exhibition that surveys contemporary artist's approaches to using walking within their practice. Given the choice between that and a 'no pants subway ride' I had to decide to keep my trousers on. Expect the text here soon then, after the exhibition opens in February.

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