Friday 3 November 2023

The Golden Tour - an odd sort of alchemy


The clothes have arrived so I'm playing around with costume and sound. This is usually more of an afterthought but with this tour I want to embrace style above content so this comes first. It's clearly a dumb look. This offers me some cover and is entertaining too. Next is sound and the dumbest obvious sound I found so far is this:

Along the way a quite decent image also popped up by accident. I might just have to use this sun reflection in the mirrored shades effect somehow. It's rather good.

In all of this madness I did also manage to make a site visit and work out the locations where I will stop. It will be of a hit and run guerrilla style tour. Loud and tasteless and gone before anyone has time to stop it. In many ways it's a collection of many of the things I hate, but when you string them together in a deliberate way it becomes something else. You could almost call that a form of alchemy - the ancient art of turning base materials into gold. Let's see if there's still magic to be found in Nantou Ancient Town.

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