Monday, 16 October 2017

Way-Losing: a 3-day completely lost tour - 2018

Following the success of this past summer's Way-Losing tours, there are plans for something bigger and bolder next year. This is one for the intrepid!

The dates have not been fixed yet but in the Summer of 2018 there will be a three-day Way-Losing Tour. We will attempt to travel blindly and with no other purpose than to not know where we are for three days. This will not be easy as the unpredictable elements are huge: that in part is why it is attractive. 

This tour's starting point will be in the UK and we will travel on foot or by local buses. We will attempt to find shelter overnight and make it as comfortable an experience as possible but obviously nothing can be guaranteed. What is sure, however, is that the conversation and experience will be very special, this will be a trip you won't forget. 

Expressions of interest are currently being taken, exact times and terms will be confirmed in the Spring.


  1. Bill, this sounds wonderful, I'm defenitely interested. Can I sign up somewhere to keep being informed?

    1. Yes, please get in touch via the twitter account @BillAitchisonCo
      or Facebook:

  2. sounds interesting and please keep me in touch fingers crossed the dates will work!!!

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