Friday, 8 May 2015

Tours Coming Up: a tour crazy June

There are some tour events coming up that I'd like to mention. 

First of all, the London Tour is proving enduringly popular so it will return again on Thursday 11th June, starting at 7 PM from outside of Richmix London E1 6LA. 

Reservations: info ( a t ) Cost £8

The following day, June 12th, I'll be participating in Bees in a Tin in Birmingham, giving a talk on alternative tours. This will also include a discussion and it is part of a larger day featuring a number of invited speakers who cover topics across the arts, science and technology.

Then, on 19th and 20th June I will be participating in the Performing Place 3 Symposium at the University of Chichester giving a presentation on The Tour of All Tours.

To finish off a tour rich June I will be presenting a new tour of tours in Berlin for B-Tour Festival in Berlin 26th and 27th June. The festival is devoted to artist-made tours of alternative varieties and is a quite ideal context to see the project in. If you are anywhere nearby, make a point of coming and see some of the other tours too; this is where it is happening!

July is set to be busy too with the premiere of a new tour performance in Amsterdam and in August it will be Edinburgh's turn. Hope to see you in one of these places.

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